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Paladins: Splitstone Quarry

This is the second map I worked on with the Paladins team!
Exterior and interior of the old mine area; modeling, UV, lightmaps, set dressing, & collision done by me. Most of the textures are done by Andy Trabbold, except for a few props. Sick lighting by Jon Criner. Concept for interior by Wes Wheeler.
Some clean up by probably everyone on the team here and there.

Tried to give proper credits on all images but thanks to the whole Paladins team.

Norma martinez p oldmine 03

Exterior of the old mine. Lil plants by Gannon Jaspering.

Norma martinez p oldmine 04

Interior of the old mine.

Norma martinez p oldmine 02

Interior of the old mine.

Norma martinez p oldmine 01

Interior of the old mine.

Norma martinez houses 1

Skybox house. Model + texture by me with cleanup on the roof by Andrew Trabbold, the coolest.

Norma martinez house a

3 of the skyboxes houses

Norma martinez house b

super lowwwwww

Norma martinez gold 2

some gold chunkz. model/sculpt/texture by me.

Norma martinez crystal gif logo

Crystals by me! FX by Marcus Bruzzese! Room by Gannon Jaspering!