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Furniture Sets - School of Dragons

For Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon educational mobile App game "School of Dragons" by Jumpstart
Furniture sets for player's hideout / rooms. So far, I've done the main character's dragons; Deadly Nadder, Hideous Zippleback, Gronckle, and Monstrous Nightmare, as well as some random pieces in between.

Did all concepts; most were sent to the art team in India to be completed. The ones posted are some of the ones I modeled/textured.
Just diffuse on all, handpainted

Norma martinez thrones ind

All four current 'thrones,' minus their fx

Norma martinez thrones wire
Norma martinez myroomprops2 copy

misc. decor

Norma martinez beds

basic beds

Norma martinez nadderbeds

Deadly nadder concepts

Norma martinez groncklesheet1

Gronckle concepts

Norma martinez nightmareprops2

Monstrous Nightmare concepts

Norma martinez zipplebackcolor

Hideous Zippleback concepts

Norma martinez bednightmare post

Monstrous Nightmare bed

Norma martinez tablegronckle post

Gronckle table

Norma martinez throne texture 1

texture sheet for Deadly Nadder throne

Norma martinez throne texture 2

texture sheet for Hideous Zippleback throne